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Our Mission

Earth Weave Carpet Mills, Inc. is in business to manufacture and promote renewable resource floor covering products for the 21st Century. Our commitment lies not in recycling petrochemical products, but rather in taking advantage of the ultimate manufacturer; Mother Nature and her renewable natural resources.

Using Mother Nature's vast renewable resources, Earth Weave will manufacture innovative, high quality floor coverings for both residential and light commercial applications.

Our Products

Thank you for your interest in our products. We commend you for searching out the healthiest and most ecologically sustainable carpeting available, Bio-Floor™. With the growing concerns for the environment, indoor air quality and the large numbers of newly diagnosed cases of chemical sensitivity, Bio-Floor™ is quickly becoming the concerned consumer’s floor-covering of choice.

Earth Weave’s commitment to natural fiber carpets and area rugs is unsurpassed in the industry. Earth Weave was the first carpet manufacturer in the United States to introduce a running line product that incorporates only 100% natural materials. Earth Weave’s use of industrial hemp was also a first in the carpet industry. We are committed to 100% sustainable resource floor-coverings and will not manufacture a product from non-renewable petrochemical resources. This would include the “recycled pop bottle products” gaining popularity today. Even though these products are marketed as environmentally friendly because of their recycled origins, putting pop bottles into floor-coverings halts the recycling process. The fact is, virtually all consumer floor-coverings go to the landfill after their useful lives have expired. Bio-Floor™ is 100% bio-degradable and if taken to the landfill will decompose just as trees, brush and grass clippings do.

Also, keep in mind that Bio-Floor™ is completely different than any of the other wool carpets made today that claim to be eco-friendly and natural. Those products are full of synthetic chemicals whether it is on the face yarns (dyes, mothproofing, and/or stain protection) or in the synthetic backing or adhesive.

Some of the benefits of Bio-Floor™ include:

100% natural, nontoxic soft floor-covering alternative that is also biodegradable
Superior comfort and durability from wool face yarns that contain no dyes, mothproofing, or stain protection
Natural rubber adhesive that is free of VOC’s for the Chemically Sensitive
An industry first hemp/cotton primary backing
A highly pliable product that aids in installation
Made in the U.S.A.

Address: Earth Weave Carpet Mills, Inc., P.O. Box 6120, Dalton, GA 30722, 706-278-8200v 706-278-8201f
Email : earthweave@earthweave.com
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