Enhance your products performance with a durable all natural foundation. Choose our 100% natural rubber rug pad for a safe non-skid foundation for your area rugs or provide comfort and durability to broadloom carpets with our 100% natural wool-based carpet padding.

Enertia™ Padding

This wool based carpet padding is a blend of coarse naturally pigmented wool's mechanically needled (not glued) into a cotton scrim.

The padding is free from dyes, fire retardant, glues, moth proofing or adhesives. Color will vary from charcoal brown to tan, depending upon fiber availability. Some vegetable matter may be present. Average thickness is 7/16 inch, and the average weight is 40 oz/sq. yd.

Individuals who have a sensitivity to animal fibers should obtain a sample before ordering. This 100% natural wool padding will provide many years of service before needing to be replaced. When it does, we urge our customers to recycle it to the garden where it will safely biodegrade while serving as an effective weed barrier and mulch.


Over a period of 2-3 seasons the padding will completely disappear, adding nitrogen and other nutrients plants need to the soil, essentially returning to grass
  Rubber Rug Gripper

The rug gripper padding shown here is made of 100% natural rubber for use on hard surfaces. It will provide extra comfort underfoot and helps to prevent slipping of your rug. This pad will not stain any type of floor and can be easily cut with scissors for a custom fit to any size rug. 1/8 th inch thick. Made in U.S.A.
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